Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow ruins bmx

Well the blizzard Alabama got on friday ruined my hopes of driving to Mcdonough, Ga for the race this weekend. Pretty bummed about that. But I ended up being able to race Bici Coop's Heartbrakes Prom alleycat Saturday night. It was even better than last years. There was a keg, some delicious pies, Redbull, plenty of dancing and some great racing. Alan did an awesome job with the manifest. It was a fun, not too difficult but certainly not too easy route. Parkside bar had some really nasty shots for us to take for the time bonuses. I believe mine was called an ashtray. and it truly did taste like an ashtray. Disgusting. I forgot when I showed up that this was a "date race" but luckily for me, my buddy Ross Porter showed up and he and I were able to pull out the win. Surprisingly, considering we were told by each stop that we were 8 minutes behind. I'm an awful writer and I'm out of patience to write anymore about this.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Thousand Nine

In the beginning of this new year, as I see the hardest financial times of my short life thus far, I realize how much things seem to be looking up despite money.

2009 started out rough, and got progressively worse. I lost my "dream job" at the bike shop almost exactly one year ago today, and went 8 months unemployed. Late last summer I found a new job and things started to look up. I moved into an apartment with what I thought to be an old friend. The two months I lived there were awesome, we had a lot of fun, and I met some really awesome people. Then there was the incident, I'm not going into detail but I have a really gnarly scar on my head thanks to this "friend" of mine. I had a great friend literally save my life that night. The next few months after that seemed to fly by, I spent a lot of time with some amazing friends. Thanks everyone. This picture pretty solidly sums up how awesome 2k9 was for me.

So now, in the beginning of 2010, I'm hoping to move out again very soon, with two great friends, and start all over. Hopefully without getting anything smashed over my head. The moral of all these ramblings is, most of 2009 sucked, and I'm looking forward to all of 2010 just as amazing as the last 2 months or so.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Been a while.... again

I don't update much because I don't think anyone reads this thing. Haha. Anyway, just got home from the Christmas Classic, had a good time, wrecked a bit. Picked up a new sponsor not too long ago, Thanks to XTRSKN/Standard for helping me out. Can't wait to get racing for these guys. Umm, don't have much going on now, going to Atlanta to Jason Larev's place for new years, should be a blast. More to come after the parties.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haven't updated in too long

Wayyyyy too much has happened for me to even begin to try writing about. So instead, here's something I wrote like 3 years ago.

about 10 years ago, my dad bought me a bmx which i owe my life. ive met some of the most amazing people this world has to offer thanks to bmx. even gotten to hang out with some of my heros. the best friends ive ever had, or ever will have are the guys i ride with. weve shared a couple tears, and a million laughs, and im thankful everyday i can call these people my friends. bmx has shaped the person i am, the life i live, and people i know. who knows where id be or what id be doing if it werent for that little 20 inch bicycle...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


August 1st Pro-Am Weaver Alabama(
100% Payback plus $200 donated by Richard Bunt at Clayborn.

August 8th and 9th ABA vs. NBL challenge, South Carolina. So psyched on this race.

August 9th, after coming straight home from Socak, the finale of the Sunday Night Skid, criterium race and afterparty sponsored by PBR.

August 14th-16th ABA East Coast National Raleigh North Carolina.

But for those of you who don't race BMX, and live in Bham, August 15th Elisa's brainchild and bday celebration the Flirty Thirty all girls alleycat.

Trails and SundayNightSkid

Birmingham has trails now! I couldn't be more excited. No pictures of riding yet, but I snapped some cell phone pics of the jumps.

Sunday Night Skid, was awesome. First time out not on the beach cruiser. I had a blast, that 48-16 gear is tough to get going but it definitely makes for a much better race. Good times were had. Big thanks to Nick Willis for the pics from SNS.